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  • Vision

    We strive to make the mechanisms, which made sponges survive for millions of years, applicable to mankind.


    BromMarin – „Squeeze the sponge‘s full potential“

    Marine sponges represent rather simple organisms and although they exist since millions of years, their survival strategy is not yet decoded. However, what researchers have recognized are the manifold effects of the chemical defense of marine sponges. Building upon, BromMarin strives to squeeze the sponge’s full potential. Always oriented on state-of-the-art research, applications for pharmacy are included as well as for cosmetics, material sciences and biomedicine.

  • USP

    Bromotyrosines and other marine agents are provided in quantities that are required for clinical trials.

    Through a pilot sponge farming plant, BromMarin is able to extract agents from sponges in a sustainable manner and thereby to begin a new chapter in marine pharmacy.

    Innovations in processes and products
    An innovative extraction process enables not just the extraction of bromotyrosines, but simultaneously the isolation of sponge scaffolds. The potential of the α-Chitin sponge scaffolds is manifold and BromMarin now empowers research to develop it. Due to the increased yield of bromotyrosines from the sponge, marine agents can be provided, which have previously not been available on the market.


  • Virus inhibitors from the sea

    von BromMarin, 27.03.2020

    For several years now, scientists at TU Freiberg have been researching the unique properties of Aplysina aerophoba, a marine sponge species that naturally produces antiviral substances. The substance …

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  • Latest publications: BromMarin products are still on the advance

    von BromMarin, 28.12.2019

    BromMarin remains its research on the extraction and the effects of bromotyrosines and gains more and more international attention on the commercialization of its products (see Dyshlovoy & Honecker, …

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