Working in the middle of nowhere

“Your chance of being seen and heard.“ That’s the claim of the Dresdner exhibition WEITSICHT.  And not very modestly, “the future of networking” slogan is following the logo. Correspondingly, our expectations were running high as we entered the stadium of the regional soccer club Dynamo Dresden last week. Our resume: An appealingly organized event, with a separated founders’ area, revealing lectures and motivating talks. Furthermore, it seems sensible that not just the Dynamo Dresden soccer club but the exhibition Dresdner WEITSICHT as well are both projected into the future.

Nevertheless a culture shock was following. Starting at the Saxon capital we drove to foggy Holzhau. Even though Holzhau is located in the middle of nowhere, the placid village in the Ore Mountains is usually known as a winter sport location. The fact that there hasn’t been any snow was not of importance for us, as the following 3.5 days demonstrated.

In intensive workshops, that do not just sound like work - but in fact they were, we devoted to our business model, the BromMarin brand and how to deal with conflicts. Certainly not new topics to us but as an interplay with business experts und further Saxon founders highly challenging and productive. During the whole time we rarely set a foot outside for longer than 5 minutes. Again, our thanks goes out to the team of SAXEED, our coaches and all the founders for their commitment.

The lesson is clear: Good to see that Saxony is neither lacking ideas nor founder personalities. Those who would like to know more are welcome to contact us.

Stay curious.


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