Anti-Cancer-Research: BromMarin at 2nd European Chemistry Partnering

BromMarin participated at the 2nd European Chemistry Partnering in Frankfurt, true to the conference motto: “Chemistry makes the world go around“. As Dr. Holger Bengs stated in his opening talk, 97% of the products for daily use contain at least one chemical production step. Bromotyrosines require more. However, they are not extracted for the daily use, but rather to heal up to now untreatable tumors as anti-cancer agents.

For this reason, Prof. Dr. Hermann Ehrlich and the CEO Andre Ehrlich represented the BromMarin GmbH in Frankfurt. To foster the search for cooperation, capital, and customers, the collaboration with the Universitätsklinikum Dresden (Prof. Dr. Bornstein) was particularly highlighted in the talk. The first and most promising results of this cooperation are going to be published within this year.

As the Journal "marine drugs" very recently released, 7 pharmaceutical agents of marine origin are already approved by the FDA – 4 as anti-cancer agents. Ca. 20 more are currently in the different clinical phases.

If you are interested in sponge metabolites and cutting-edge marine research, please do not wait until the next conference. The team of BromMarin is always at hand for your contact.


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